Many are asking us what the average payout is for the 3M earplug lawsuit. It’s hard to say at this stage. There has been only one settlement at this point, between 3M and the government, and none of that money goes to compensate veterans. While the lawsuit involving the government has been ongoing since May 2016, the lawsuits against 3M have only just begun. The very first lawsuit on a behalf of a service member was filed in late January 2019. The lawsuits are not far enough along that there would be settlement amounts to point to.

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FAQ about 3M Earplug Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

(1) How much money could I win?

Because we work on a contingency fee, we only take on cases that we feel will be worthwhile. We are hopeful that these cases will be worth both our time and yours.

(2) Will I owe my lawyers any money if I don’t win anything?

No, we are taking the military earplug lawsuits on contingency, which means that you don’t pay us any attorneys’ fees if you don’t win a recovery. If you do win an award or achieve a settlement, we ask that you pay us attorneys’ fees equal to a percentage of your recovery. The percentage we ask for will be a minority of your payout. We want you to receive the majority of the settlement amount.

(3) How much of my payout goes to attorneys’ fees, if I do win?

The fee percentage we request from any settlement you receive will be the minority-share of the payout. We want you to receive the majority of the funds.

We have a standard attorney representation agreement for all the military hearing loss lawsuits. Because our representation agreement is subject to attorney-client privilege, and the privilege can be waived by public discussions, we are not disclosing our specific fee percentage on our website at this time. If you’d like to learn our exact fee percentage, please contact us directly.

We think the quality of our work justifies our contingency fee percentage.

(4) Are service members getting any of the $9.1 million settlement between 3M and the U.S. government?

No, the $9.1 million settlement amount is from a lawsuit between the government and 3M. The money will go back to the government to compensate for the amounts it paid for the 3M Combat Arms ear plugs.

We are not suing the military or the U.S. government — just 3M.

(5) How does having my case consolidated with other cases affected my possible payout?

On April 3, 2019, a panel of judges decided that the 3M earplug litigation will be consolidated in Florida federal court before Judge Casey Rodgers. By consolidating the suits, you can save money on litigation expenses. In a consolidated case, the plaintiffs can share the cost of common expenses, such as the cost of hiring expert witnesses.

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