Many veterans are asking us whether the 3M defective earplug lawsuit will affect their VA disability benefits. The answer is no, filing a claim against 3M should not affect your VA benefits. You should continue to receive the same percentage for hearing loss or tinnitus from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you’d like to join the veteran hearing loss lawsuits, please contact us. The lawsuits allege that 3M Combat Arms earplugs were defective and 3M knew that the earplugs offered little noise reduction benefit due to testing in 2000. Yet, the lawsuit complaint says, 3M sold the dual-ended earplugs to the U.S. military from 2003 to 2015, knowing the earplugs were providing insufficient hearing protection to U.S. service members.

Hold 3M Accountable

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FAQ about Veteran Hearing Loss Lawsuit

(1) Does this lawsuit affect the service connection I get from the VA for hearing loss/tinnitus?

No, the 3M military hearing loss lawsuit does not affect the VA disability benefits that you currently receive or are trying to get. We are not suing the VA or the United States military. We are suing 3M, the earplug manufacturer. We think 3M should be held accountable for the defective earplugs, particularly when the U.S. government says it was not aware of a particular defect in the 3M earplugs at the time it purchased them.

(2) Can veterans get additional compensation beyond VA disability?

We believe that veterans and active-duty military are entitled to receive additional compensation from 3M for service-connected hearing loss/tinnitus, beyond what they are already getting from the VA. We do not believe that VA disability sufficiently compensates our veterans for the hearing issues they suffered due to their service, and 3M should be held accountable for any defects in the earplugs it manufactured and sold to the U.S. military.

(3) I was denied VA service-connection. Can I still be included in the lawsuit?

You may still be eligible to be included in a 3M defective earplug lawsuit even if you applied for VA disability for your hearing loss or tinnitus, and were denied service-connection. We are not likely to take your case, however, if the VA had a good reason for denying service-connection. We are only bringing lawsuits on behalf of veterans and active-duty military whose hearing loss/tinnitus are related to their service and use of the 3M dual-ended earplugs.